FinTech | Investment, Trading & Portfolio Management

Working on a wide range of products for multiple customers, involving investment management, trading and financial portfolio management. Technologies used include .Net C#, Windows Services, MVC, libraries, Knockout, various JavaScript libraries and vanilla JavaScript among others. I am involved in developing new features, interacting with 3rd party APIs, communicating with customers, and investigating and fixing bugs, sometimes on multiple projects in tandem.

Education | Management Information System (MIS)

Working mainly on the government returns elements of a complex information management application for educational institutions, using .Net, MVC, webforms, MS SQL, Knockout, jQuery, CSS, HTML and Razor. This role involved developing new features, migrating features from a webforms application to an MVC application and fixing bugs with the current code.

Security | Sensitive Data

Managing a team, while also coding myself, producing a greenfield project including many different sub-projects using the .Net stack, MS SQL, SOLR and front end languages including jQuery, CSS, HTML and Razor. This project involved a huge database of sensitive information, some of which was to be communicated to different stakeholders, therefore security was paramount.

Security | Rebrand Corporate Website

This project involved the complete re-branding and restructuring of the company website, from initial designs to deployment in one month. This involved extensive cross-browser CSS3, image and animation creation, HTML, jQuery, and also C#, Linq and SQL. I single-handedly managed stake-holders and content creators.

Security | Enhanced Due Diligence Web Application

The re-writing of two VB 2005 applications (one web, one desktop) into one C# MVC web application, adding functionality and merging many deployed customer applications into one customisable application. This involved creating and using DLLs for re-usable subsystems, C#, MVC, SQL & stored procedures, AJAX, LINQ, jQuery, CSS3, creating PDFs and print style-sheets.

Education | Parent Portal

The Parent Portal was a greenfield project I produced single-handedly. The objective was to improve the interaction between parents and the college, and it was an outstanding success. The system is in use by the parents of over 2300 students and other local colleges now wish to work with the college to improve their Parent Portals.

Education | Mail-Merge System

The mail-merge system was produced while working on the Parent Portal. It is another green-field project which allows bulk emails to be personalised to students and their families. It is actively being used by staff to keep parents informed and allows them to insert tags for elements like a student’s name, and see the result in a live preview.

Education | Academic (Corporate) Website

The public website (an in-house CMS) was dated and difficult for staff to maintain. I went through a process of iterative requirements capture with stakeholders using wire-framing, accelerating the design stage. I introduced a front page content management system and a new image upload and management system so that staff felt less necessity to use bad habits in their formatting of newly submitted content. A section was added for Governors of the college so that they could securely access documents. This was implemented using file storage backed by the database for metadata and user accounts.


System Architecture
High-Level Solution Design
Technical Solution Design
UI and UX design
Web Application Security
Big Data
Team & Stakeholder Management
Business requirements capture
Process improvement
Full stack development


.Net Core & .Net Framework
Restful APIs
CSS3 and HTML5


Jira & Confluence
C4 Diagrams
Visual Studio 2010 to 19
SQL Server 2005 to 17